Unofficial Score for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Sam Cushion

Sam Cushion’s work, the unofficial Mortal Instruments score, The Mortal Instruments Music Project Part 1: Shadowhunter, has been unveiled and is set to be released this Tuesday, 7th of May. Here we can see all the tracks listed below!

  1. The Mortal Instruments
  2. City of Bones
  3. Pandemonium
  4. Clary
  5. The Shadowhunters
  6. Ravenor Deon
  7. New York Institute
  8. Jace
  9. Simon
  10. The Greenhouse
  11. Hotel Dumort
  12. The Silent Brothers
  13. Silent City
  14. The Accords
  15. Madame Dorothea’s Apartment
  16. Renwick’s Ruin
  17. Valentine
  18. Ending
  19. Pandemonium 2 (bonus track)
  20. Pandemonium 3 (bonus track)

It is $5USD, which converts to £3.21 for us British Nephilim.

We are super excited to hear this, and from the little preview, it sounds pretty good too!

The song track names obviously reflect the different scenes from the movie, which are you happy to see above, or, which are you unhappy not to see? Let us know in the comments below!


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