Cassandra Jean Four Seasons – Spring

And yet another piece of work from the lovely Cassandra Jean!

Cassie Clare just unveiled this piece of work on her tumblr, also revealing that the characters in this image are all in the mysterious TLH series!



The only characters we know are Matthew and James in centre and Tessa, Will and James in the row boat in the far back. There are a couple of characters in this I know of, Lucie for example, however multiple I also do not know.

Exciting stuff, Shadowhunters! What do you think about the mysterious characters right here?

Who is the mysterious blond boy at the left? Hmm.

Let us know in the comments below!!


2 replies

  1. I think the blond guy on the left is Gideon and the girl with the little kid behind him are Cicely and her kid. the blond woman standing by the trees is probably Camille. I think the two girls standing with one whispering to the other are Lucie, brunette, and Cordelia, red head. the man in the red hair sitting down is probably henry and the guy in the purple shirt is probably henry’s other son, Charles. the two girls sitting down I think are Charlotte and Sophie and the guy standing in front of then is probably Gabriel. and my best guess of the man and woman in the middle is Nate and Jessmine.

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