Secret TMI Project has been revealed

So as many of you may know, earlier this month a lot of the bigger fandom accounts – like Fangirlish, Page to Premiere, Mundie Moms, Hypable, TMI Source – were asking you to take part in a secret TMI project.

This project was to send in a picture showing how much you love Jamie as Jace and how a lot of the fandom was wrong about him at the start, but that we all think he is the most perfect guy for the part!

Fangirlish debuted the video earlier with this message:

So, I admitted I was wrong. I admitted that I should have never judged Jamie Campbell Bower. And over dinner with a great friend, Jen (who does all the book stuff for Hypable) – we came up with the Secret TMI Project.

We have received hundreds of pictures, and we continue to add them to the new website Right now it is dedicated to Jamie Campbell Bower, and our apologies to him. He truly is Jace. Fans from around the world have gathered and taken amazing pictures, holding signs and letting everyone know they were wrong.

We put the first 250 into a video (edited by Kimmy West of Page to Premiere) – and eventually we hope to do more with all of these. We are currently putting all the pictures into a photo album that will be given to Jamie at Comic Con.

Give yourself a round of applause Shadowhunters – you did great rallying support! I am proud to be a Shadowhunter and part of this fandom.

Thank you so much to all of the fan sites that rallied Shadowhunters in their areas. Please send us your button, and we will add to the fansite page that will go up on the site.

We love you Jamie… I hope this proves that.

I really hope Jamie likes the project, I know a lot of people have spent a lot of time organizing this.

WE LOVE YOU JAMIE and we can’t wait to see you in City of Bones!!!


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