City of Bones Premiere: Toronto Confirmed

So it seems that a premiere for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is a go-ahead.

Below is taken from TMI Canada’s blog, and it was confirmed through Splat.

According to Splat -“the official hair colour partner”. There will be a  Mortal Instruments Movie Premier in August.
In their ad -which features a new promo image-, they state that you could enter to win a trip for 2 to Toronto, Ontario for the City of Bones premiere.

To enter for a chance to win you’re suppose to visit, however, it looks like they have not posted that page yet.

The contest is only open to Canadian residents.

This is pretty exciting news considering us Shadowhunters were potentially only going to have a LA Premiere. Now a Toronto, and potentially (and hopefully for us at British Nephilim and all the European Shadowhunters) a London Premiere.

Are you hoping that a premiere might take place close to you? Or will yo

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  1. I have officially entered the contest! So happy to hear they are doing a premier in Toronto. if I don’t win i do hope I can still get tickets!

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