New York Shadowhunter Party on the 30th May 2013

So last Thursday some very lucky Shadowhunters got to party in New York with Cassandra Clare at a very exclusive Shadowhunter party set up by Simon & Schuster and Sony.

Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to attend this party but TMI Source did and shared their experience on their blog so I thought I’d share it with you all as it’s got some AMAZING pictures!

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Simon & Schuster’s Mortal Instruments party on Thursday, May 30, along with good friends from Mundie Moms, Page to Premiere, Hypable, TMI Institute and others.

We arrived about 10-15 minutes before the doors opened, but I was immediately struck by the location, which resembled the Institute.


We had a feeling we were in the right place when we saw men in tuxes and women in fancy dresses, and we knew we were in the right place when we saw these signs:


Walking into the “Institute” was an unbelievable experience. It opened up into this beautiful looking cathedral with gorgeous lighting and three big screen TVs with the film’s insignia on a stage.There was also a huge Angelic Power rune on the floor right when you walked in. There was music playing in the background–a playlist from Universal Republic, the record label working on the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones soundtrack. Side note: I cannot wait to hear the songs they put on the soundtrack!

Shannon (TMI Institute), Katie (Mundie Moms) and Alyssa (TMI Source)

Shannon (TMI Institute), Katie (Mundie Moms) and Alyssa (TMI Source)

Shannon, Katie, Cassie, Kallie, Val and I

Shannon, Katie, Cassie, Kallie, Val and I

There were two seating areas on each sides of the location where life size covers of all of Cassandra Clare’s books were hung. On one side there were The Infernal Devices and The Bane Chronicles: What Really Happened in Peru.


With my love Will Herondale

With my love Will Herondale

On the other side featured The Mortal Instrumentsincluding the book that started it all:


Also on display by the front door were the three movie tie-in covers–the City of Bones movie tie-in, the Illustrated Movie Companion and the Shadowhunter’s Guide.


On the second floor they had a rune station where guests could get various runes airbrushed on. Every time I went back I just had to get another. I wound up with four runes: Fearless, Angelic Power, Strength and Clairvoyant Sight.


Getting my rune on!

Getting my rune on!

At one point, a group of us, including Page to Premiere’s Kimmy and Amy, decided to get runes on the palm of our hands and reenact the first still we got of Clary. Ladies and gentlemen, our distressed Clary pose:

Me, Amy, Kimmy and Amy doing our distressed Clary pose

Me, Amy, Kimmy and Amy doing our distressed Clary pose

There was also a tarot card reading set-up, but the line was too long so we skipped it.

There were several props from the movie–which Cassie said the actors all used/wore in the film–on display.

The Mortal Cup


The Gray Book


Isabelle’s Electrum Whip and Snake Bracelet


Isabelle’s Ruby Pendant and the Morgenstern Ring


Isabelle’s Stele


Tarot Cards and Witchlight


As for the exclusive clip shown at the party, I won’t tell you exactly what happened in the scene, but I will tell you that it was unbelievable epic and–believe it or not–made me want the movie even more than I already did!

As we were departing, we received swag bags, which included the City of Bones movie tie-in (which Cassie signed at BEA on Friday, May 31) and a Mortal Instruments: City of Bones shirt. I managed to snag an extra for one of you lucky Shadowhunters. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for your chance to win these prizes!

photo (4)

I cannot thank Simon & Schuster, Cassie and Sony enough for such an incredible party. I had such a fantastic time hanging out with Cassie and friends. We had a ball partying it up like Shadowhunters!


How awesome did this party look? We are so jealous of everyone that attended! Maybe one day we’ll be lucky enough to get an invite! *fingers crossed*


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