Cassandra Clare MAY already be in England

We previously posted about how Cassie is planning on coming to England in June 2013.

Well we don’t have 100% confirmation but we believe she’s now here!

Here are our previous posts about this:

Like I said, this is NOT confirmed but this is why we believe Cassie is already here:

Her friends, and co-authors of The Bane Chronicles are here:

Sarah has also mentioned Cassie in a tweet:

Also, Cassie is making it out like she’s here in her tweets:

^^^ This tweet was tweeted at about 11.20pm in the UK, but only about 6:20pm EDT USA. So this makes us think she’s here.

Also a friend of Cassie’s who could not come to England with her tweeted about her friends being in England, and Cassie replied saying that they did invite her:

So like I said, it’s not been confirmed but all this points at Cassie already being here.

Which also means that HOPEFULLY Cassie will be doing the signing she mentioned earlier in the year in London soon. Still no news on this but we will keep you updated!

Just to remind everyone, Maureen and Sarah are in London this weekend at Stoke Newington Libertary Festival (read about it HERE) so if you are in London then I definitely recommend that you attend! It’s only £5 and they are so funny so I’m expecting it will be a good time 🙂

Hopefully we’ll have more details soon about Cassie and a signing in London soon!


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