Harald Zwart Answers Fan Questions

The director of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Harald Zwart, took to tumblr to address some questions being asked about the movie.

Q. Regarding a Norway Premiere:

-Hey. Yes, it is in Fredrikstad August 23 Come and meet the stars on the red carpet.

Q. Casting for City Of Ashes:

-Casting for CoA will be in Toronto.

Q. Whether or not Church the cat is in City of Bones

-Will try and put him in the second film.

Q. Have you heard Beth Crowley’s song, Warrior, inspired by The Mortal Instruments?

-Will check it out, thanks.

Q. TMI Posters for sale?

-Check with your local distributor.

Q. Will Jamie have Jace’s golden eyes in the movie?

-You will get a glimpse of his golden eyes in the movie.

Q. Will you put Jamie’s audition tape on the DVD? Bloopers, too?

-Great ideas, will pass them onto the DVD people.

Q. Have you deviated from the book considering Clary is referred to as ‘Chosen’?

-We are following the books, don’t worry.

So that’s all from our lovely director, Harald.

I’m so happy with some of these answers – especially regarding Jamie having Jace’s golden eyes at some point! (squeals and claps hands)

What about you, Shadowhunters? How excited has this made you? Let us know!


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