Jamie Campbell Bower and Cassandra Clare WILL be signing at London Film and Comic Con 6th July

Yesterday we posted that there was speculation that Cassie and Jamie wil be signing at The Mortal Instruments Panel at London Film and Comic Con on 6th July 2013. You can read more about it HERE

Today it was confirmed by Showmasters that they will definitely be signing after the panel.

Here is what they posted:


Jamie Campbell Bower and Cassandra Clare will be signing for free after the Mortal Instruments Talk. Your talk ticket will act as your ticket to join the signing queue so please keep hold of it. We will be calling you in groups just like a regular virtual queue, 1-30, 1-60 etc

This signing is for a limited time only and while both Jamie and Cassie will try and get through as many of you as they can, there may not be time to see you all. Anyone with a ticket of 400 or higher will be warned that they may not get seen.

Jamie and Cassie will be signing 1 item per person on presentation of a valid talk ticket.

Please note: this will have to be an item of your own as there will be no 10x8s provided. There will be a selection if Cassie’s books available to purchase at the event as well as other Mortal Instruments Merchandise.

You can already get your items signed by Lena Headey all weekend at LFCC, but you will need to pay £25.

To find out how to buy tickets to LFCC, please read our previous post HERE

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