New German Trailer

Thanks to TMIGermany via Twitter, I was alerted to a new trailer released today.

This trailer isn’t in English, it is in German, however it is WELL worth a watch. (Put it this way, I lose my voice screaming for 2 minutes because of a certain scene!! Oh and lots more of Simon, Jace and Izzy too!!)

It’s by far my favourite trailer yet, so make sure you watch it Shadowhunters!

I cannot wait to hear what Sarah thinks of this but this was so hard to write because of shaking hands!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!!!


5 replies

  1. Wow that is definitely my favourite!!!! And it’s going to be even better when it is translated! I love that we got to see the Ravener demon in slow motion; get to see it properly. Basically the whole things was great. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE EVEN MORE NOW!!!! 55 DAYS LEFT XD

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