Godfrey Gao (Magnus Bane) out and about in London 27th June 2013

Godfrey Gao (AKA Magnus Bane) was spotted in Central London yesterday by a couple of Shadowhunters (@jemsviolin and @ohdemonpox) who are co-writers of Godfrey Gao Spain. He also posted a couple of Instagram photos and videos of himself in London.

Here is a photo and  the post from Godfrey Gao Spain:


Yesterday we had the great pleasure (and luck!) to meet Godfrey Gao!. It happened in Camden Town, after hours looking for him in London. A BIG thank you goes to Sandra (webmisstress of Jamie Campbell-Bower Spain) for helping us so we could finally find him at Camden Market. Suddenly I saw him and Sylvie ran after him, calling his name.

Godfrey turned around and said “nice sweater” to her (she was wearing one of the brand FLAGSH1P) and then I asked if he could take a picture with us. He agreed and I explained we had come running when we found out that he was there, he asked how we knew it, I replied “twitter” and he laughed. We followed him to another place to take the pics and he asked where we were from and when we told him we were from Spain, he said “¿cómo están?” in perfect spanish.

Each one of us took a picture with him and he asked if we were there for holidays, and we told him we lived there and if he was on holidays and he said yes, but also for work. Then Sylvie told him that we run Godfrey Gao Spain and he was surprised and thanked us for it. Then we said goodbye because they were waiting for him and we told him to enjoy his time in London, and he replied with a “take care!”. We left the market and after a few steps we found him again and Sylvie asked for another picture but this time with the two of us. The truth is that I was dying of shame at this point, haha. One of the people that were with him took two pictures and we said goodbye again. We must say that Godfrey is LOVELY and very friendly, and never lost his (beautiful) smile. And in case anyone is wondering, yes, he is really handsome (or more!) in person.

– Chrissie

PS: We’d like to thank Sandra for informing us about Godfrey’s whereabouts so we could meet him at the end ❤

Godfrey also posted a few pictures and videos on his Intagram account:

1 godfrey godfrey

He also posted a video of himself in Camden which you can find HERE

There is no word on whether he will be attending any of Cassie’s signing next week. We sure as hell hope so! But he is a very busy guy so we doubt he’d be sticking around a week for them. We’ll let you know if anything changes though.


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