Jamie Bower Singing

So as I am sure multiple of you know, there was a signing today in London, where Cassie, Jamie and Sarah Rees Brennan were attending for a signing.

Jamie treated the already lucky (enough) fans to him singing a couple of songs. You can watch it by clicking on the link below.

I have loved Jamie in his band The Darling Buds for years, I love his voice in this band and also him in Sweeney Todd as Anthony. If you haven’t listened to either of them, you’re missing out. Our Jace is VERY talented.

The first song he sings is ‘Get Your Guns’ by his band (one of my favourite songs!).

But a HUGE thank you to Sarah (the co-admin of this website with me, Eilidh) who was very kind with her time with Jamie, and told him that I had fancasted him as Jace for 2 years when I saw him in the TV show ‘Camelot’ in which he played King Arthur.

Enjoy Shadowhunters!


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