My experience: An evening with Cassandra Clare – With Jamie Campbell Bower and Sarah Rees Brennan. Pictures and Videos included.

Okay so yesterday as you all probably know from my massive fangirling on twitter, I went to the Waterstones event last night (4th July 2013) in Piccadilly, London, with Cassandra Clare, Jamie Campbell Bower and Sarah Rees Brennan. I thought I’d write up a report about my experience πŸ™‚

I’ll warn you now… This may be long…

So the event didn’t start until 6.30pm, so my original plan was to get to London after 12pm, go around some stores and then make my way over the the location, St. James’s Church in Piccadilly, at around 3pm – 4pm.

Well after waking up at 10am I realised that a few fans were already at the location queuing! I thought this was crazy but I wasn’t going to miss my opportunity to get a good spot to watch the event. I didn’t want to be stuck at the back as I knew there were 600 tickets sold!

So I got myself ready and made my way to the train station. Got on a train and got to Piccadilly Circus underground around 1pm.

I found Mona (@SchniekeMona) and said hi and then joined the back of the queue. There was probably about 30 people in front of me. Not too bad πŸ™‚

I got told off by the Mundane who was selling souvenirs on the sidewalk as I was sitting to close to the stall. Silly Mundane.

I started talking to the two girls in front of me, who also came alone. There was Alessia (@_ByTheAngel_) and Diana (@8Marietta8). Alessia came all the way from Italy and Diana from Switzerland! We had a great time fangirling about everything Shadowhunter related and were in the queue until 5:20pm which is when they started letting people in to the Church. EXCITING!!

We went in and I went to get seats while Diana and Alessia got The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Tie-In books so that Jamie could sign them.

We were about 6 rows back but everyone is front of us seemed to all have big hair and we were panicking that we wouldn’t see. It wasn’t too bad in the end though.

Sarah Rees Brennan was introduced by the Waterstones staff member and she looked lovely as always! Sarah then introduced Cassie Clare and the whole Church went crazy!  I couldn’t believe that my idol was sitting a few metres away from me! There was then a quick Q & A of about 3 questions for Cassie before they showed the trailer for the City of Bones movie, the full international trailer. Everyone in the crowd was speaking the words and it was just absolutely amazing! I got goosebumps! Hearing all the Shadowhunters say “Have a little faith”…. I FELT LIKE CRYING!

After the trailer Sarah introduced Jamie Campbell Bower and the Church went even more crazy! BY THE ANGEL! JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER!! I almost died! He was stunningly beautiful! Even more so than in all the pictures and footage I’ve seen of him.

There was more Q & A’s and a lot of banter back and forth between Jamie, Cassie and Sarah. They were all so perfect! So funny! (Video’s of the Q & A below) Jamie is such the perfect Jace. You can tell how much he loved the role and the character. I couldn’t imagine anyone else portraying such a main character in the books.

It came to the end of the Q & A and Jamie announced he had a bit of a surprise for us all…



My heart stopped in that moment!

I’ve heard Jamie sing before but never live!! I knew this was going to be AMAZING!!

He took his microphone off so that he could hear his guitar so told us we would all have to be quiet. He then sat of the stairs in front of where they were sitting and started to sing!

I’ve been in Churches before for weddings and stuff, but I’ve never felt so emotional than at that moment. The room feel silent to hear Jamie sing while playing the acoustic guitar.

He sang “Get your guns” first and then “Waiting”.

He truly has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. Simply perfect! (Video’s of his performance below)

Then they announced the signing and took up row by row of Shadowhunters to join the queue.

About 20minutes (I think) later it was our turn! OMG OMG OMG was the only thing going through my head.

Jamie was first in the line up. He was absolutely beautiful!

I told him that I loved him and told him how Eilidh (Co-Founder of British Nephilim) couldn’t make it but she wanted me to tell him about how she fancasted him in the role of Jace even before he auditioned for the part. He told me to tell her that he REAAAALLY appreciated that. I then shaked his hand!




My little fangirl heart was going absolutely crazy inside but I was trying to play it cool!

The next in line was Cassie, but I was still shocked by touching Jamie that I couldn’t think of anything to say!

I was so stunned that I was in front of Cassie! My idol for a few years now! The woman that has had me laughing so much my sides hurt, to then crying my eyes out like a baby. The woman that helped me realise how much fun reading was. The woman THAT CREATED WILL HERONDALE!!

She asked if I knew Sarah Rees Brennan as we shared the same name, I said I’ve met her before and Cassie asked if all Sarah’s knew eachother? I laughed πŸ™‚

After Cassie signed my books I then moved down to Sarah. I told her that she owes me an explanation for hurting me so much with the ending of Unspoken? She laughed and said that it’s all cleared up in the free sample of Untold (the next book in the series that’s out in September) that I brought with me. I told her that she’s lying as I’ve read it and it really does not clear things up! She said well you’ll hate me more after you read The Bane Chronicles: The Midnight Heir. I was not impressed with this comment! Now I am so scared about reading that.

Myself, Diana and Alessia left the Church and were given these cute cupcakes with had mini versions of the Movie Tie-In books on top made of icing! They were so cute and way to nice to eat!

I also got to meet Daisy (@fangirldaily_ and @tmibritain) and I was so happy to be able to meet her properly!

We waited around outside the Church until it was time to leave for Blackfriars Bridge.

I met up with @TMI_Poland and we walked to the bridge.

There were already quite a few Shadowhunters there.

We took some pictures of us all and waited around for Cassie to arrive.

It was getting later and later and still no news on when Cassie was going to get there.

I walked down to the other side of the bridge to see if she was down there and no sign of her.

About 10 minutes later I tried again…


I SAW CASSIE IN HER RED COAT!!! She was with Sarah, Josh (her husband) and another man.

I called her name and she saw me. I waited for them to cross the road and walked them over the where all the Shadowhunters were.

Everyone went CRAZY!!!

We probably scared her a bit!

We all grouped together and took a few pictures of the big group with Cassie.

I got to stand next to her and she had her arm around me (MY HEAD WAS GOING CRAZY!!)

We all shouted Long Live Will, Jem and Tessa.

I felt like crying. I couldn’t believe we were all her with Cassie herself on Blackfriars Bridge which is such a huge part of The Infernal Devices series. I almost cried but I held myself together.

Then Cassie wanted to hug every single Shadowhunter that waited for her and took a few pictures with fans.

While I was waiting to hug Cassie, I went over to Sarah just in time for her to announce who wants a picture?


But my phone and camera had died so I was like I NEED A CAMERA!

Sarah pulled her phone out of her bra (she said she had Cassie’s in there too!) and I gave her phone to @MInstrumentsUK to take the photo. Sarah then told me to send it to myself over twitter. So I did! I was going to give her phone back but she was taking more photos with other Shadowhunters. So I thought maybe I could get a picture with Cassie too.

So quickly asked Cassie for a quick picture before she goes and I got @TMI_Poland to take it on Sarah’s phone again. I sent the picture to myself from Sarah’s twitter again and handed her phone back to her.

We all then said bye and went our separate ways.

I couldn’t believe what happened and I had to sit on a train on my own with strangers all around me while all I wanted to do was fangirl like crazy!

So that was my experience with Cassie, Sarah and Jamie. It was definitely one of the best days of my life!

Massive thank you to Cassie, Jamie and Sarah for everything! Can’t wait to see you all again tomorrow at London Film and Comic Con!

Thank you to everyone I met at the event and on the Bridge. Made some great friends that I hope to meet again soon πŸ™‚ I love this fandom!

Right now time for VIDEOS AND PICTURES!! Enjoy! xoxo

Video’s are all by @TMIBritain who was RIGHT AT THE FRONT!! Jealous!!!

Q&A Part 1:

Q&A Part 2:

Q&A Part 3:

Jamie singing Get Your Guns

Jamie singing Waiting

Photo’s I took (They didn’t turn out great as my phones were pretty crap!!)

A group photo of Shadowhunters on the Bridge before Cassie got there. Credit to Alessia @_ByTheAngel_

BOcIlXqCIAECi2x.jpg large

*feature image by Eleanor Ford*


5 replies

  1. I was there so it was AWESOME!!!!! I want to do it all again!!! Listening to your experience makes me wish I had someone to go with – I’ve have been the lone Shadowhunter for three events now!! 😦

    • Aww that makes me so sad!

      I went alone too but made friends with people in the queue on Thursday and met up with people from twitter on Saturday. You should have totally said and you could have hung out with us!

      Next time anything happens let me know if you are going alone and we’ll meet up so you’re not alone πŸ™‚ #TMIfamily πŸ™‚ the more the merrier!! πŸ™‚

  2. Aww that so kind – YES PLZ!!! I would LOVE to meet you all next time – I would be REALLY honoured!!! THNKA YOU!!!!

    I tried to make friends on Thursday but – no luck…. 😦 I even volunteered to take a photo for a group of girls who were struggling to take it themselves…. But then I am nervous when it comes to meeting new people…

    You have NO idea how hard its been to get people into this series!! I have tried twice – one failed – one….I’ll know when she comes back from Mexico as I leant her copy of City of Bones!

    I certainly had the same reaction when I met Jamie – I’m still blushing!!! He is such a sweetheart!! here’s the conversation went:

    I said “You were really great with your guitar earlier”
    He said “Aww bless you!”
    I said “I can’t wait to hear more!”
    He said “Excellent”
    In a way to say I supported him being Jace from the beginning I said “Keep being Jace dude!” and held my hand out
    He shook my hand (still blushing) and said “Thanks Sweetie”

    Even now I’m going “AHHHHH!!!” and I love “Get You Guns” – I head him sing before on YouTube (I love his band’s version of “Hurt” by Johnny Cash – one of my fav songs!)

    By the way did Cassie asked you “Do you like good or bad characters better? – I said “Good!”

    Bring on the next event!!!!

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