My Experience: The Mortal Instruments Panel at London Film and Comic Con – 6th July

Okay, so Thursday I went to An Evening with Cassandra Clare in London where she did a Q & A along with Jamie Campbell Bower and Sarah Rees Brennan.

Today, I journeyed back to London for London Film and Comic Con which was hosting a Mortal Instruments Panel with Cassandra Clare, Jamie Campbell Bower and Lena Headey. Hosted by Showmasters and eOne.

I’ve been to similar conventions like this (also run by Showmasters) but they have never been this big and I have never been so excited to be going!


So to start from the beginning…

I woke up at around 02:40am to start getting ready to catch my train at 04:32 to London Euston. I only went to sleep that night around 12am… so only had about two and half hours sleep. I will warn you now, do not try this!! Going to a big event like this without much sleep is not the best idea. I was only awake as I was so excited about the TMI Panel.

So got on the train and while travelling to London I applied my runes! Didn’t do a bad job I think, seeing as I did them all myself!

Got to Earles Court 2 at around 6:30am and there was about 20 – 30 people in front of me.

My Shadowhunter friend, Jenny, arrived a couple of minutes later and we just queued up until 9am!

Once the doors opened they first let in the Gold Pass Holders in before us, there was apparently 250 tickets of them

So when we finally got in we ran to where to get the TMI panel ticket (we were told off by some mundanes for running!) and I got number 81 and Jen got 82 🙂

We then had to wait until 2.30pm for the panel so we looked around and got a few TMI related bits!

We both got a charm bracelet from Canvas Warriors where you pick the charms and they put them on a bracelet for you. They had a whole section of TMI related (not official) charms that were awesome! We also got separate Harry Potter bracelets too!

There was also a stall selling TMI mini posters which were awesome so I had to get them all… in two sizes… oops. MIGHT be giving some away for a giveaway in a few weeks… watch this space!

We then thought we’d make our way over to the talk area and wait for the TMI panel. Met up with some more Shadowhunters.

Once we were allowed in the talk area we had to sit in the rows with our ticket numbers. So I sat on the 3rd row, right at the end of the left side in the middle. Great view of the panel! (except a really tall man was in front of me, but because I was at the end i just moved a bit more right)

First this presenter man came on and told us that everyone at the TMI panel made the event the best they have ever had.  I just thought “That’s what we do! We are Shadowhunters after all!”

He said there would be a few surprises. ooooh I love surprises!!

But he announced that due to timing issues, Lena Headey could not join the panel as she was double booked with a Games Of Thrones talk or photoshoot or something. This was very depressing!

First Cassie came on and every one went crazy! There was a quick Q & A with Cassie and the fans before Jamie joined her! Again, every one went crazy!

More Q and A’s which I will write a separate post about as it deserves a full post!

The we got to watch a whole new scene from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie.

Not too sure what I can say, need to speak to someone about this, but lets just say it was AMAZING!!!!

Then more Q and A’s before it was announced that the signing will be starting over in the corner of the room and that the first people to get there gets to have a free MASSIVE LIKE CINEMA SIZE POSTER!!

So what did we do… well obviously everyone RAN!! All through the crowds that surrounded stalls and celebs signing.

When we got over there it was announced that they will be letting people get things signed in number order from their tickets. We all waited around waiting for the staff to call our numbers. Jamie was only signing for about 45 minutes and Cassie will sign until everyone at the TMI panel had something signed.

Also there was CAKE!! WITH JAMIE AND LILYS FACE ON IT!! It was very yummy!! 😛

So when it was my turn I gave Jamie my Parabatai’s City of Bones book to get signed and gave him a letter from her and also one from TMI_Poland. He was absolutely lovely again, but this time it was even more rushed! Didn’t really have much time to chat 😦

Then got to Cassie again, she had signed my book super fast! I didn’t even notice it! She then gave me back the book and said she liked my runes! #DEADFROMFEELS!

I then asked a Showmasters staff member if I could speak to Sarah Rees Brennan who was standing behind Cassie.

Before I got to London in the morning I asked Sarah if she would also be at LFCC and that it was my quest to find her…

Well I found her so asked if she’d do a quick video so I had proof that I found her and completed my quest!

Unfortunately the camera cut off the end of the video as I had used all the memory up on the TMI panel. But it’s still awesome!! You can watch it below 🙂

Also, I ended up taking like 390 photo’s and videos throughout the day. I can’t upload them all as it will eat up all our usage but I’ll post a few for you to drool over! Enjoy!


I do not mind anyone using these for their own sites at all, and don’t mind you editing them. BUT PLEASE CREDIT It only takes two seconds to add a credit! Thank you! 😀 ENJOY!!!


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