Videos: The Mortal Instruments Panel at London Film and Comic Con 2013

So last weekend we were lucky enough to attend LFCC and be in the audience of The Mortal Instruments Panel with Cassandra Clare and Jamie Campbell Bower.

I did video the whole event (minus the exclusive clip we saw) but it didn’t turn out great as I was take pictures at the same time not realising that every time I took a picture it paused the video for a split second. So it’s really annoying! I have such a perfect view as well! 😦 I will be posting the video’s online later, but not really worth watching as it skips every minute of so!

But UK Twilight have come to our rescue and have posted the video’s they took of the whole event on YouTube!

Make sure you go check out their site… they were some of the ridiculously lucky fans who actually got to fly to Canada and visit the set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

So a massive thanks to them and Sam Moden who specifically took the videos!

Also the final question by @TMI_Poland is not in their video so I’ve edited mine slightly for their last question. Sorry it jumps and its super shaky!!


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