Information and Clues About The #COBBookHunt for UK Shadowhunters

Yesterday it was announced by the official UK TMI Twitter account, @InstrumentsUK, that they will be holding a treasure hunt for special City of Bones books (most likely the movie-tie in).



From The Mortal Instruments UK official Facebook account:

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Book Hunt

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Book Hunt will take place across the UK from Friday July 19th through to Friday August 2nd.

FREE copies of a limited edition cover of the book will be hidden in some (not all) branches of Foyles and Vue Cinemas for members of the public to find and keep, with clues to the locations of the books posted on the official Mortal Instruments UK Twitter (@InstrumentsUK).

Should you hunt down a copy, tweet a picture of the book / yourself with the book to @InstrumentsUK, telling us where you found it using #COBBookHunt and we will re-tweet you!

Copies of the book that are in the book hunt will have the book plate pictured below inside the first page. Please make sure you only take the copies with this book plate.

You should also look out for another book plate, right before the start of Chapter 1. Some copies of the books have been SIGNED – some byCassandra Clare, some by Robert Sheehan, some by Jamie Campbell Bower and also some by Lily Collins, making them extra special!

So, head on over to Twitter and follow @InstrumentsUK, @Foyles, @vuecineas and our good friends at @WalkerBooksUK to make sure you don’t miss any clues and look out for the hashtag #COBBookHunt!

Happy hunting!




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