Team Shadowhunters lost the YA Sisterhood YA Crush Tourney. BUT…

So yesterday was the final of the YA Crush Tourney and Mr Will Herondale himself got to the final. He was up against Vampire Academy’s Dimitri.

After an incredible close race with over 70,000 votes cast, the winner was Dimitri.

Will only lost by less than 400 votes!

Although we lost, we did really well seeing as the majority of the Fandom was fangirling like crazy over all the delights we got from Comic Con yesterday. So really the final didn’t land on a great day for all us Shadowhunters to be concentrating on winning a poll.


Cassie said that if Will won she’d share with us the cave scene from Clockwork Princess in Will’s POV, as well as a new picture of Kevin and Godfrey (AKA Malec) together from Comic Con.

Cassandra Jean, THE Illustrator, also said that if Will won she’d draw Will as a pin up star!

Even though we lost, we Cassie still shared with us the Malec picture, and Cassandra JP shared with us her Will picture!!

Enjoy 😉

Godfrey and Kevin — to thank you all for voting for Will in the YA Tourney, Magnus and Alec as requested.

Cassie also had this to say about the scene in Will’s POV:

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