Joining the team at British Nephilim..

Hello fellow shadowhunters. I’m writing this introduction post so you can get to know me before I start properly posting.
I’m Daisy, I’m nineteen years old (I turn 20 in February, eek!) and will be writing for British Nephilim – I am very excited to join the team with Sarah and  Eilidh!

I come from the south of England, am a bookaholic and a huge fan girl. My family have now even adopted all the phrases I use and don’t question “what does OH THE FEELS mean?”

I first started reading The Mortal Instruments back at the end of 2012, just as the first trailer was released.
Someone posted it on Facebook and I was completely in love with the idea of the world. I actually messaged a friend to say we should both read it, to find out she already had. I managed to get through the five books pretty quickly – guessing my predictions to her which I was right on most of the important ones!

I fell for Cassie’s world, and had a rather bad book hangover afterwards – you know the ones. Where you just can’t get in to another book as you’re still too invested in the previous book. It took me a week to get to read something new! Yep, it was bad.

I questioned if The Infernal Devices – which at this point Clockwork Princess hadn’t been released – could really match up to TMI, I’m always hesitant for books set in the past as often they don’t come across well for the era they are set in. It took some encouraging to emerge myself in it but once I started and when Will came in, it was love all over again. (I can’t choose between Will and Jem though!)

I’d just started to tweet properly about my thoughts on a private twitter and following TMI accounts. Which is where Sarah came in, I’d been following her for a while when Eilidh popped up about to reach 300 followers on twitter.

I was just about to finish Clockwork Prince just 5 days shy of the release of Clockwork Princess, I was really excited but it was so hard thinking I had to wait. The company I ordered from very naughtily sent me my copy early, so I had the gruelling wait of finishing it prior to the release and having no one to talk to about it. So getting your books early doesn’t always work to your favour!

I’d been following Sarah and Eilidh for some time till I thought about making my own fan account. I’m very thankful I had the help to start it out, or I would have been utterly clueless! I’ve been on twitter for around 3 months now and love our fandom. I’m a very proud shadowhunter!

Since then, I’ve met Cassie and Jamie and become a part of a worldwide community. I co-admin over at, which is the first site I ever have worked on. Glad to put British Nephilim under my belt too. I love all you shadowhunters!

So, with that being my introduction on how I came to the fandom, I hope you’ll look forward to seeing me post around here.

If you’d like to find me on twitter, I am @tmibritain. Come say hello, I promise I’m not like Simon in the biting aspect 😉

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