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Lily Collins spoke to about her being featured on the Seventeen cover, shadowhunters and Jamie Campbell Bower. Want to read the interview? Good! Because it’s right here.

Teen: Last time you were a Seventeen cover girl, you gave love advice. (“Be open for anything.”) Have anything to add to that?
Lily Collins: It takes being a really strong person to take care of yourself before you can take care of somebody else. I think you could learn so much from somebody else, but at the end of the day, you really have to feel comfortable within yourself in order to give yourself to someone else. You may find that with one person — you may learn different things about yourself from different people — and everybody that comes into your life comes into it for different reasons whether it’s to teach you something, or for you to stay with that person. So I think it’s all about, again, not that being open for new experiences, which I said last time, but it’s being open to learning new things in a relationship about yourself.

Teen: I see you’re wearing all black today. Are there any other parts of the Shadowhunter wardrobe that you like wearing (or don’t like) in real life?
Lily: Oh, I totally think being a Shadowhunter taught me a lot about experimenting with my style. So I have sort of been wearing more, like, leather or [an] edgier and sexier wardrobe. The boots were awesome. I wore boots very similar to those the other day doing press for the mall tour. I wouldn’t recommend running in them. I wear less chains than all the Shadowhunters do, and no harnesses — that’s all for practical reasons, but I do think the Shadowhunter mentality of that sleek, edgy, action figure-y style influenced my more mature, sexier style.

Teen: Going back to the mall tour, you recently talked about an experience where a fan fainted during it! Have you had any other memorable or shocking fan encounters?
Lily: I was in Dublin recently; I was in the middle of a field at a concert and these two girls came over to me and they were just screaming hysterically, and they were like, ‘What’s your name?’ and I was like, ‘Lily,’ and they were like, ‘No, Clary Fray!’ And then they started screaming ‘August 21st!’ and I was like, :whispers: ‘What’s happening August 21st?’ Like, I was totally in a different movie mindset, and they were like, ‘Your movie comes out!’ and it just really reminded me how passionate the fans are, and how aware they are and how excited they are. So to experience that in this field, it really reminded me how excited everyone is.

Teen: You’ve spoken about your immediate chemistry with Jamie many times before. What about your chemistry with Robert [Sheehan], Kevin [Zegers], etc.?
Lily: Robbie’s just hilarious. Like, he’s Irish and he’s just has this, like, very European, funny nature to him. When he came in, right away, we clicked as best friends. He’s so easy to get along with — it’s very hard not to get along with Robbie. Kevin, he and Jamie have the perfect dynamic because they’re catty toward each other, but they’re also — they have fun with each other. We all on set were a family. We all struggled together; we all sweat together; in training, we all fought together. And Kevin Zegers has become literally like family to me, protecting me on set as Clary, but then off set becoming so close with [him] and his wife. And Jemima [West] jumped right in there, she came in not knowing anyone, and we all just blended so well together. I can’t wait to go shoot the sequel so we can be a family again.

Teen: Jamie surprised fans with a song this week, “Better Man.” Have you heard it?
Lily: Yes!

Teen: Do you think music will be in your future too?
Lily: I love music. I’ve always loved it growing up, and I’d love to maybe do a musical movie. I don’t know when I’d have the time to actually have an album. Like, a song would maybe be one thing maybe for a movie [like “I Believe (in Love}” for Mirror Mirror], but that’s not my focus.

Teen: Outside of The Mortal Instruments, you’ve worked with everyone from Sam Claflin to Logan Lerman. Are there any other young talents you’d like to work with?
Lily: I love, love, love Emma Stone. I would love to do a film with her or just work with her, I think she’s absolutely fantastic. It’d be amazing to work with Jennifer Lawrence. Guy-wise, Miles Teller and Dave Franco are also awesome. I think they’d be really fun.

Teen: We actually have a Lily Collins trivia quiz! What’s one thing about yourself your fans probably DON’T already know about you?
Lily: Maybe the fact that I’ve gotten really into baking. It’s funny, I bake — I’m not gluten-free or vegan, but I just started experimenting doing all food like that because it seems more like a puzzle to fit together, like, making things taste good that people normally wouldn’t think taste good. And I make, like, birthday cakes, spice cakes, breads, cupcakes, muffins, cookies — you name it — pies. I love experimenting in the kitchen now. It’s so much fun.

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