The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Press Conference

A few of you may know that in addition to myself and Sarah attending an advance screening of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones we also got to attend a Press Conference, attended by none other than Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan and of course our lovely director Harald Zwart.

It was really nice to see a lot of blogs there that we knew of and it was lovely to put names to faces and officially meet people! Hi to you all if you’re reading this!!

The conference was helped along by none other than Alex Zane, he was lovely and got the ball rolling by asking Harald about why he took on the movie, and how he had used different projects integrating it into City of Bones.

All the cast spoke of their favourite outfits, Lily’s being the famous high-heeled boots which she revealed taught her how to walk in heels better (she is an awesome heel-walker!) and Robbie said he loved his grey and pink Nikes – stating he didn’t get the leather pieces the rest of the cast did. Jamie revealed that the leather trousers were his favourites, saying they were surprisingly unrestrictive when moving, however he did rip a pair! (how funny!)

There were a lot more questions, however – as a huge Jamie fan – I was literally dying to ask him a question! I asked him if he felt like the response to him playing Jace had changed to a more positive note since he was first initially cast. Jamie was very passionate with his response, and all I wanted to do was hug him while he was speaking as I could tell he was at one point very hurt by this. He did tell us that he carries his “Jamie is Jace” book around with him which he was very grateful for.

Robbie also told us he has to calm down with his very ‘performance’ comedy that he usually takes on. (please note when he said ‘performance’ – he used jazz hands).

They were all lovely and kind, and all much more beautiful in the flesh.

Thanks to ShadowhuntersUK we have the audio from the press conference and I’ve posted it below. If you’re interested in my question to Jamie, you can skip to 19:45 in the audio to hear me waffling away… oops.



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