Photo shoot: Lily Collins photo shoot for Flaunt Magazine

Check out Lily Collins rock inspired photo shoot by Frederic Auerbach for Flaunt Magazine. She looks AMAZING!

Lily Collins talks animatedly, using her hands to emphasize points in between dainty bites of salad.

Lily Collins takes thoughtful pauses before giving her answers, completely ignoring her club sandwich and side of shoestring fries.

Lily Collins barely speaks to me while utterly destroying a rack of ribs. I am very uncomfortable.

This is all fantasy at this point, as I’m not yet at my scheduled lunch, stuck instead in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I know she’s on a strict schedule so I’m already trying to fan-fiction the food part in my head, using the usual actress-interview Mad Lib. The rib option seems unlikely just given what I know of her as a Chanel-vetted model and fashion plate and former teen journalist. Also, I don’t think the hotel in Beverly Hills where we’re meeting up even does barbecue.

As it turns out, neither she nor I are super hungry, so we both get green teas. Later I find out that she’s not much of a meat eater and feel good being wrong about the rib thing, especially since she’s wearing a glittery, cream colored top.


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