Gift for Cassandra Clare – we need YOU!

Time to get your thinking caps on, Shadowhunters, we need your ideas!

The past few days has been… emotional. With the Shadowhunters Codex coming out later this month, and Cassie announcing that today is the final day of writing City of Heavenly Fire, we thought we’d do something for Cassie.

As Eilidh from the team is going to be at Cassandra’s signing in Italy in less than two weeks, we thought it would be nice to make a book up for Cassie from all of us in the fandom, and Eilidh will personally give her it!

You can write anything you want – whether it’s to thank Cassie for all her work, or maybe to tell her your theories for any of her future books, go for it! (you can either send these in an email or handwrite and scan your letter!)
We know some of you out there have Clary’s knack for drawing, so you can of course scan any work you do in to us, and we will put it in the book too!
If you have anything else you want to put in, please do, we are more than happy to accept anything

We ask that you keep the letter/drawings between 1-2 pages long on a Word Document. 

We would also love you to send an image of yourself with your submission holding up a sign, or maybe dressed in Cosplay, any ideas you have, and if we have enough pictures, we’ll put it on the cover so Cassie can see all of your faces!

You can submit this to on the 24th of October (11pm GMT – so that’s 5pm EST and 2pm UTC), giving us  enough time to put it all together. (sorry it’s quite sort notice, I’m sure you can do something in that time if you want too!)

So get going Shadowhunters! Hope to hear from you all soon!

The British Nephilim Team


2 replies

  1. Hi Cassie,
    Thank you so much for your books! They’ve changed my life so much.
    Even though I’ve not been here for long, I got City of Bones in February and had finished all your books by April. I love them so much! I know you get that all the time and it must be weird but it’s true. They’re different from other books I’ve read and I just love that about them! And because I read them so quickly I had to wait, what seems like forever for City of Heavenly Fire.. Help! I’m so excited yet so scared! Please don’t hurt us – I’m sure you get this all the time so I’m going to stop…
    Ps if you are ever in the UK please don’t hesitate to come to Scotland! We miss you…
    I love you Cassie,
    Thank you x

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