Jamie Campbell Bower deletes his twitter and expresses his feelings on Tumblr

So last night Jamie decided to delete his twitter due to “fans” trying to hack into his account.

This was just after he announced that he does actually read his mentions that we all sent him.

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Thank you to @parabitchai on twitter for the screen shot of his last tweets and @clarysparabatai for sending it to me

A few minutes ago Jamie expressed his feeling about deleting his twitter on his Tumblr account – Things What I Have Seen:

“Twitter go Bye Bye

Good morrow fair children

i trust we all slept well?

Last night there was a group of people, who called themselves “fans”, attempting to “hack” my twitter account. This has lead me to dispose of said account.

I understand that these particular individuals are not a reflection on all of you gorgeous people but it only takes a minority to fuck shit up and ruin it for everybody.

I loved twitter and it was with a heavy heart that i had to make such a drastic decision but heres the kicker, i as a person  have no obligation to share my life with the outside world but i wanted everyone who has supported me to feel somewhat involved, invited or part of my bizarre existence. I have said in interviews that i always felt “outside” or perhaps a “spaceman” and twitter offered me the possibility to feel connected to others, who perhaps, feel the same way, because i had no one to connect with as a kid or a tangible figurehead that felt the same as i did.

I am sorry for those who feel let down by me. I feel let down

I love you. But i dont need more self righteous Daily Mail cunts in my life.


x “

It is such a shame a few individuals have attempted this and ruined twitter for Jamie, especially when he had started to really enjoy it again over the past few months. But at least we know that Jamie is OK and that he still has his tumblr account.

Problem now is that loads of fake accounts will pop up pretending to be him which is very immature but that is what happens.

Jamie, we love you and hope you come back to twitter at some point.


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