Jamie Campbell Bower Returns to Twitter

After probably the most traumatising day due to Jamie deleting his Twitter account last night, it has all been reversed and we are all very happy bunnies.

Welcome back Jamie! He took to his Tumblr to explain why he has decided to re-activate his Twitter.


Good evening all you lovely people.

I do hope this “hump day” is treating you well. I have heard through a blood relative of mine that it is Potato Week in Denmark.

Here it is. I’m coming back to twitter. I have received an overwhelming amount of support and heard stories of how you, like myself as a kid, need someone to stand up and speak the weirdness it is that you feel.

I have made the conscious decision to reactivate my account. There are too many people to let down if i stay away.

I feel somewhat responsible for you all.

This however does not take away from the fact that a select group of individuals really fucked me off and betrayed my hard earned trust. Believe me when i say this.

I love the true people that make my world better (through social media) and i wish i could reply to any of you but the fact of matter is, if i respond to 1 person i’m only going to piss off the numerous others that i cant get back to.

I love all you true Muddafuckahhhhhhhhhssssssss. and to those who bent me over and fucked me without any lube in the words of Asher Roth “sucka dick butt kiss”

princess Jamie.


How happy are you that Jamie is back?

I’m personally… crying and my roommate looks like she’s gonna kill me. She dealt with me this morning, and she’s dealing with me again over Jamie. Dude, don’t leave again, please. Thank you Jamie, for coming back to us. We love you. I love you. I kinda need someone to remind me it’s okay to be myself, and you’re a symbol of that for sure. I know most of you know how crazy I am about Jamie. I’m so happy that he’s not left us, and I still get my daily dose of Jamie Campbell Bower. (I’m currently singing Ladies Want To Shower with Jamie Campbell Bower- it’s hilarious and helping my mood!)

(P.S If anyone dares try this stunt of hacking Jamie again, I will need to take… food away from you for the day. Behave Little Shadowhunters!)


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