Cassie’s Italy Signing

Hey guys, Eilidh here!
Some of you may know that I was at Cassie’s signing last night, which was, of course, awesome!

It was the first time I had met Cassie, and I was shaking like a leaf the whole time.

I’d been up since 5am, travelling from Milan to Florence and arrived in Florence around 12:30. I went to the book shop and started queuing from around 1:30. I was greeted by two Rossella’s – both of whom run @ItShadowhunters – and they were so lovely and introduced me to their other friends. There was a bit of a language barrier, but everyone was so nice and tried their best to speak in English for me.
By around 4pm, the book shop was closed to more fans entering because so many fans had arrived to meet Cassandra! I was relieved that I had got into the store when I did, and the shop was crazy busy!

From what I heard, Cassie was asked to arrive early because there was a huge amount of people waiting inside and outside of the store. Instead of showing face at 6:30, she was an hour early. (this was good for my bottom as it was so numb for waiting for so long!!)

The whole room was chanting for Cassie, and myself and everyone around me were shaking from excitement. I even shed a few tears I was so happy to see her. Screams filled the room, including my own, and soon the Q&A was underway. Although I didn’t understand half of what was going on, I was glad Cassie read CoHF in English – and it was great that she had a translator there for the Italian fans that couldn’t speak English.

The Q&A didn’t last too long as it was so busy, so we got to the signing part rapidly. As I was standing upstairs for a better view, I had to wait a while to reach Cassie. This was fine as I had some time to prepare myself.

However, I quickly got distracted by a beautiful brunette called… Sarah Rees Brennan. She was so lovely and signed my notepad for me and took a picture with me. (photo’s at end of post) Sarah also told me that she had City of Heavenly Fire on her phone. Which was in her bag. Which was about a metre from me. I could of (and wish) I had snatched her bag off her and ran for the hills screaming. But, I refrained. She told me she didn’t trust me as I was Scottish. Maybe she trusts me more now?

I then went back to queuing for Cassie… After a lot of pushing and shoving, I reached the front… and Cassie.

What do you say, and what do you do when you meet the woman who changed your life? Fair to say I kinda freaked out. As some of you may know, I put a book together for Cassie with many different Shadowhunter’s letters and artwork. (Thank you so much if you participated) I handed this over and she (I think) was surprised and happy to receive it! I told her I was TMIScotland from Twitter, and she said she was happy to meet me after us talking frequently on Twitter (albeit me fan girling and her being awesome and replying). She complimented my scarf, which was tartan, saying I was representation of the Scots that day! Unfortunately, I didn’t have any books with me as they didn’t ship over from Scotland in time for me to take them to the signing (either that – or they’re lost in the post) and VERY, VERY kindly, Cassie purchased a book for me and signed it for me too. I was overwhelmed by this, as all I wanted to do was meet Cassie, give her the book and introduce myself. (but I can never ever turn down a signing opportunity). She apologised for not having a book in English – but there was no reason to apologise!! Cassie also told me that she will be living in England from April-July next year – and good news Scottish Shadowhunters – Cassie will be visiting us!!! This was awesome for me, and I really can’t wait to see Cassie next year in my home country, she also said I can help her arrange it too, which was crazy special for me!

Then I said thank you and scurried off because I’d held up the line for so long! (sorry if you were behind me!!). Myself and Rossella couldn’t help but hug each other and just be like ‘Oh my god!!” every few minutes. We had came out the shop and there were still people waiting outside to get their books signed!! We were still reeling by the experience by the time we made it back to the hotel!

So all in all, AWESOME day and event. It’s one that I will hold dear in my heart and never forget.

Thank you to the amazing crowd that made it so special, thank you to all the Italians I was with that day which made waiting so much fun, and of course thank you to Cassie for taking the time to see us all and being so kind to myself and everyone else!


Below you can see the photo’s of the day.


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