Lily Collins speaks to MTV about ‘City of Ashes’

Lily Collins was at the Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year Awards in New York City, and was asked for an update on City of Ashes. Here’s what she had to say:

“We don’t know that,” Collins told us about whether she was excited for production to begin on the second installment of the “Instruments” series, “City of Ashes.” “Well, there is a lot of conversation still going on,” she clarified. “I don’t know anything else; I kind of am with everyone else in the waiting game.”

But Collins admitted she’s eager to get back into character as Clary Fray, the heroine of author Cassandra Clare’s YA series. “I love the stories, I love Clary, we love the cast — I just have no clue,” the actress said. “I think I’m like all the fans going, ‘So, what’s happening?’ But you know they will be the first ones to figure it out when we do. You never know, right?”

You can watch it here from the MTV website.

We’re hoping that all the conversations going on are good, of course. What do you think about what Lily has said?


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