Cassandra Clare talks ‘City of Ashes’ script

Since the delay in filming of ‘City of Ashes’, we fans have been anxiously waiting for any updates on the filming process. Although we haven’t heard anything yet, TMI Source have been speaking to Cassandra Clare about the second instalment while we wait.

Cassie spoke about one of the reasons that ‘City of Ashes’ has been delayed, which is the fact that the script needed to be re-written. She speaks about why here (direct from TMI Source):

“I really think fans wouldn’t have been happy with the screenplay as it was,” Clare said. “There was not enough time between City of Heavenly Fire and City of Ashes to turn out the screenplay that they wanted to turn out and make it faithful to the book. It was a very, very, very different. It’s totally unrecognizable.”

Clare said that Constantin Film wants to do right by the fans, which is why they are taking the time to work on the script and do it justice to the books.

“They felt to film that screenplay would have been a betrayal to the fans’ trust,” Clare said. “So they faulted on it. The last thing I heard was that they were working on an update. Hopefully I will get to see the updated version. I would rather they waited and got it right.”

I think we can all agree that we’d rather wait for the script to be right before they film. We wouldn’t want the film to be totally different from the book, right?

Cassie also spoke about Robert Sheehan’s role of Simon in the next instalment. (SPOILERS)

Clare said that the scene she’d most like to be on set for is Simon’s transformation into [SPOILER] a vampire.

“I think Robbie Sheehan would really pull it off,” Clare said “He’d be awesome. He’s so good at comic stuff, but he’s also so good at — which he doesn’t get to do enough of — serious stuff. It’s a real heartbreaking scene and I think it would really — it’s a great moment for him as an actor and a great moment for the character and for the other characters, too. It’s the moment when they kind of realize the consequences of having brought this guy with no special powers and is a mundane into their world.”

I think that scene is one we are all looking forward to, and also how Robbie portrays how Simon deals with this new discovery in his life.

There is no set date for filming of ‘City of Ashes’ to begin as of yet, but is said to be at some point during 2014.

What do you guys think? Are you happy that Constantin Film are taking their time and rectifying the problems with the script?


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