British Nephilim look back at the Shadowhunter World in 2013

Happy New Years to the Shadowhunter fandom!!!

Myself (Sarah), Eilidh and Daisy have been looking back at our best moments of 2013 in the Shadowhunter world and also looked at what we are looking forward to in the coming year!

We decided to share our thoughts with you guys! Enjoy 🙂

Our Top 10 favourite moments within the fandom in 2013:

10) Meeting Shadowhunters

This year has seen us all meeting many amazing people in the fandom! We’ve made so many new friends this year via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube and we’ve had the pleasure to meet a few of these people! We love you all!

9) The majority of the cast and crew connecting with the fandom via social media.

It has been a great year for fans to be able to get in touch with the cast and crew from The Mortal Instruments films.

Jamie use to use twitter a lot before he was cast in the film, he then took a long hiatus to concentrate on the filming but luckily for us he returned and it has been amazing! It’s really nice to see what this thinks, does and enjoys.

Kevin and Godfrey have both been using social media for a while but it has been great to see Kevin doing Q & A’s with his fans over twitter, and seeing all the amazing places Godfrey goes around the world over Instagram.

Robbie created a twitter account to stop all the fakers which was very unexpected but made a lot of people very happy. He hasn’t used it very much but I expect he’ll become obsessed with it one day and won’t stop tweeting.

Lily has been very distant from twitter, but has recently started sharing her photography via WhoSay and Instagram. She’s not only talented in acting and modeling, she’s also a great photographer!

Cassie is always happy to speak to fans via twitter and tumblr and we love her for that. It’s been great reading all of her posts and answers to fan questions on tumblr and giving us sneak peeks of her future work. We love you Cassie.

Martin and Harald have both been active by answering fan questions about the movie. Martin has his twitter account which he is always happy to help fans, and Martin has tumblr. So if you have any questions about the film, they are the people to speak to 🙂

8) Cassandra Clare followed Eilidh and I on twitter!!!! BY THE ANGEL.

That was an amazing day! Also the official twitter account for The Mortal Instruments movie (@MortalMovie) followed Daisy. It was so unexpected but we are so grateful. Hopefully one day some of the cast might follow us too!

7) Cassandra Clare released new information about her future projects!

She announced she plans on writing another 3 trilogies. So we have The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Dark Artifices (set a few years after TMI ends, and will be in LA), TLH (we are still waiting for the full name to be revealed. This will be set around 1903, and will be about the children of TID series characters) and another series set after The Dark Artifices. She also has plans to write a graphic novel about The Circle called The Secret Treasons with art by Cassandra Jean.

6) The Bane Chronicles

They have been released monthly since April and we love them! I am personally a bit behind but can’t wait to catch up with them on my flight to Florida in January. However Eilidh and Daisy have loved them.

5) Meeting Cassandra Clare!

Myself and Daisy were lucky enough to meet Cassie in London in July where she was joined by Sarah Rees Brennan and Jamie Campbell Bower. They answered fan questions and Jamie played two songs on his guitar. It was one of the best days of my life. We then got to meet them all and get our books signed.

I then also got to meet them again at LFCC where they showed an exclusive clip from the film and answered more fan questions before signing more books.

Also, while Eilidh was studying in Italy she luckily got to meet Cassie and Sarah while they did a quick signing for the Italian fans! Eilidh was so lucky to get the chance to meet them, and because she didn’t have any of her books with her Cassie actually bought her a book so she could sign it! How amazing is that?

4) Attending the Press Conference

We were not expecting this! We got invited to the press screening and conference in London where Harald, Jamie, Lily and Robbie answered press questions before the film was released. It was so amazing to actually be in the same room as this amazing cast and Eilidh got to actually speak to Jamie (who she LOVES), We also got to meet Robbie before and got a quick picture before he had to rush off. That was an amazing day and what made it better was being able to spend it with my parabatai!

3) The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes film going ahead.

After City of Bones was released the production of City of Ashes was put on hold so the production team could work out how they were going to make it better than COB. That was a very sad day when that was announced but luckily Martin, Executive Producer, confirmed they will be moving forward with COA but they wanted to make sure it made more sense and needed more work done on the script. But that they will not be shelving it. THANK THE ANGEL! We know the first film did not make big bucks in the cinema, but we want to see the rest of the books made into films! So hopefully we’ll see some progress on that in 2014.

2) The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones film released.

The film we were all waiting for was released in August! We absolutely loved it. Others may not have loved it as much, and we thought it could have been better, but we all went to see it a load of times and can’t wait for COA to be made.

1) Clockwork Princess is released.

This is my favourite book EVER. OMG it was amazing. I couldnt ask for anything better. Cassie closed this story beautifully and I still struggle re-reading the epilogue without crying. It was just perfection. We can’t wait to read about the children of the characters from TID in Cassie’s future series, TLH.  There was something for everyone in this book. The Wessa fans were happy, the Jessa fans (well the majority of them) were happy. Even shippers of Magnus and Henry were happy!

So what will 2014 bring us?

Hopefully COA movie will be created, and we’ll finally get our hands on the final book from The Mortal Instruments, City of Heavenly Fire. We’ll also get to see Cassie writing about something other than Shadowhunters in her new series Magisterium which she co-wrote with Holly Black.

Hope everyone has a great New Years!!! And remember to celebrate like Magnus would, in glittery style!!!



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