The titles of Cassandra Clare’s new book series, TLH, announced and snippet

We have all been wondering for months about that the full title of TLH will be and yesterday all our theories came to an end when The Bookseller leaked the title!

THE LAST HOURS is a new trilogy set in Edwardian London and fin de siècle Paris 1903 and will be published by Walker in 2017.

This trilogy will follow the children of the characters from The Infernal Devices series, a few of which we met in The Bane Chronicles: The Midnight Heir.

The main characters will be about 16-17 years old and some of the characters from The Infernal Devices, now aged and older, will make appearances.

The titles of The Last Hours have also been announced:

Book 1: Chain of Thorns

Book 2: Chain of Gold

Book 3: Chain of Iron

Cassie also shared a snippet from Chain of Thorns:

“For as long as Lucie Herondale can remember, the Herondale family manor has adjourned the manor of the Blackthorns.

It’s too bad that Tatiana Blackthorn, the matriarch of the family, has always been, as her father Will Herondale says, “mad as a mouse trapped in a teapot.” Since the day that her father Benedict murdered Tatiana’s husband, and was killed in turn by a group of Shadowhunters that included both her brothers, Tatiana has nursed a burning grudge against the London Institute and all its inhabitants, especially Will, Tessa and their children: Lucie and her brother, James …”

I am so excited about this series, but so scared also. My heart hurt for weeks after finishing Clockwork Princess, I don’t think I can let James Herondale and Matthew Fairchild into my life without getting hurt again. It is going to be a painful but amazing series.

Source [TMI Source]


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