Jamie Campbell Bower to perform in LA and NYC in the next few days

Look out LA and NYC fans of Jamie Campbell Bower! He’s heading to you guys for two pop up secret gigs!

I expect they will be very similar to those in London the other month, but unfortunately his band mates will not be performing with him.

Hopefully they’ll be able to do a few more gigs around the world together soon though.

This is what Jamie posted on his Tumblr page:

Hey ya’ll

If you’re reading this its because you may be interested in coming to either my free acoustic show in NYC on Saturday 3rd May or LA on Tuesday 6th May.

I can give you some details.

These shows will take place in a public space. They will be free. They will be all ages.

The NYC show will be somewhere in Manhattan and the LA show will be somewhere within city limits.

I can’t tell you exactly where as A. i’m not sure yet and B. the police will show up and kick us out if we post it online too early.

I love you.

Stay tuned.



– Jamie Campbell Bower

If you’ve not heard Jamie play before they you need to check him out! His band is called The Darling Buds (careful, there is another band with the same name!) and you can check out some of the videos I took from one of his pop up gigs in London by clicking HERE


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