British Nephilim’s tips and goodbyes to The Mortal Instruments Series

As we all know, The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire is hitting shelves in the UK on Wednesday (if you’re lucky and are heading to the launch party tomorrow, some of you will have your hands on it tomorrow, like those in the US) and we are all anxiously awaiting the fate of our beloved series.

With the ending of such an important series to us – and hopefully you as a Shadowhunter – we decided to take out a leaf of TMI Source’s book and write a post about our preparation, survival tips and generally saying good-bye to the series, and we’d like you all to comment below on how you are coping with it.

So without further ado, here is my own (Eilidh) tips and my own goodbye!

Being a fan of the books for 5 years now, it is very difficult for me to be sitting here and writing a good bye to the series. It all started when I stumbles across COB, COA and COG in my local bookshop, COG had just been released, and I loved the covers of the book, I was hooked, and have been since I was 14. So, five years have past, and I’m still just as obsessed (if not more since setting up TMIScotland) and I’ve put off saying goodbye. I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet that it’s time to say goodbye.

My tips for all you lovely Shadowhunters…

  • Stay away from Tumblr! Until after you’ve read the book, and even after you’ve read it, don’t spoil. It’s just a no-go zone…. ever.
  • Have the tissues ready. This is a Cassandra Clare book, and I have a feeling this book isn’t quite going to be as nice of an ending as The Infernal Devices. Also, while you’re at it, scratch wearing make-up, like I said… it’s a Cassie Clare book, you’re gonna want to avoid that one… unless you want people to be aware of the torturous pain of CoHF…
  • Be prepared to say goodbye to a favourite character. Although I don’t want to think it, I really do think we are going to lose a main character. Whoever it is, it will be someones favourite, I think it will be a well-loved character… just be prepared… not to be like oh okay they died… be prepared to have red eyes from crying and having people asking what’s wrong with you…
  • Make sure if you’re reading on a kindle or phone, your battery is fully charged, and a charger is handy! Big thanks to TMI Source for this one – I’ll be on a plane to NYC when I start reading this, thankfully a kindle can last a while so I THINK and HOPE I’ll be safe! Make sure you guys are prepared too!
  • Remember to eat, sleep and drink. Some of us won’t finish CoHF in a day… so you need to remember to do all of the things listed. Lets be honest… we don’t want you fainting out of disbeilef…
  • Have a fangirl friend handy. Lots of ASDFGHJKL-ing will be going on between myself, Sarah, Daisy and the rest of our fangirl group.
  • (please don’t punch anyone when they ask whats wrong with you after the end of CoHF… they’re trying to be nice. I know, I know… they just don’t understand. Mundanes.)

Saying goodbye…
Deep breaths are needed here. I mean… goodbye to CoHF? it can’t be that time already. 5 years of loving each character, and loving their stories, and shipping *spoilers if you haven’t read books 1-3* incest. Loving da incest. Also my love-hate relationship with Cassandra will never go away (mostly love, of course!!).
I just can’t say goodbye to a series that has shaped my life so much. I’d never have met Sarah, Daisy, or anyone of my virtual friend-base if it wasn’t for this series… and these girls have a huge place in my heart that will never go away, even when the series ends.
I’m happier than ever just because I chose the series over some people… always put what you love first.
The characters have shown me so much, and have influenced my life. Especially Izzy and Jace. You don’t have to be the tough one all the time, let down your walls, and let yourself love. But still be a downright badass. I love them, I hope you both survive…

I don’t feel like this is goodbye for me. These books will live on forever in my life. Although this is the end of the series, they will live in my heart forever more.

Ave Atque Vale, hail and farewell.


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