Want to attend a Shadowhunter Convention in the UK?? Of course you do!!!

Good evening Shadowhunter from the UK 🙂

A friend on mine has come to me with a very serious question. She wants to know if I think there would be at least 500 people who would pay money to attend a UK Shadowhunter Convention…

I obviously know I’d love to attend and would pay good money to attend. But what about you?

Her friend has helped organise a few different conventions in the UK, Europe and USA and has said she would consider a Shadowhunter convention if we can get enough people to tell us if you would SERIOUSLY buy a ticket.

So here is what you have to do:

  • Head over to Facebook and request to join ‘A Call to the Clave‘ group
  • Then comment and let the owners know that you would definitely like to attend
  • Maybe give some ideas of what you’d like to have at the event? What sort of activities etc

So what do you think?

Follow THIS LINK to join the group!



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