Recap from London’s City of Heavenly Fire Talk with Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan

Today Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan were in London for the final event from the City of Heavenly Fire book tour in the UK.

I (Sarah) was lucky enough to attend and had a great time! It wasn’t as crazy as the 1st book signing I went to for Cassandra Clare’s which was last year in July for the City of Bones movie-tie-in release at St. James’s Church. That was the first signing I went to of Cassie’s and she was joined by Sarah Rees Brennan and Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace in the film). That was a much bigger event with a lot more people there.

So it was nice to attend a slightly more ‘intimate’ event. Don’t get me wrong, there were still loads of people there, but it was just a lot smaller than the last couple of signing I went to for her 🙂

I arrived around 8.30am and still hadn’t 100% finished the epilogue of The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire so I was still reading it in the line until about 9.30am. I got there early enough to be one of the lucky ones that got to stand under the shelter and not get wet from the rain. I then realised that Desiree (I hope that’s spelt right!) from @TMI_Holland was sitting right behind me! So we chatted a bit before my other friend Jenny showed up and we were allowed into the cinema.

Everyone took their seats, I was on the second row in the middle. Was a pretty good seat but the cinema was weird and the seats in front were really high or our seats were a lot lower or something, so really it was just odd being on the second row but still not having a ‘perfect’ view. I went to buy the 1st book in Sarah’s Demon’s Lexicon series as all the books I have of Sarah’s are already signed! I already have The Demon’s Lexicon books on my kindle but needed something for Sarah to sign too so didn’t mind buying the actual copy.

At about 11:20am Cassie and Sarah took to the stage and everyone cheered and clapped.

They then read out some of the currently unpublished voice-mail messages left on Magnus’ phone in between City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire. They were hilarious! Izzy is being the best sister to Alec by pretty much harassing Magnus until he gets back with him. Simon’s one was one that really stuck out in my mind and you can read his one below which Cassie posted on her tumblr a few weeks ago:

“Hi, Magnus. It’s Simon. You know me. Well, you called me Soames last time we spoke, but we’ve hung out. I’m calling to, uh … to—sorry if this is out of line—suggest that you maybe take Alec back.

“I think it would be good for morale. Honestly, Alec was really horrible to Clary when they first met, and if he turns all cranky again, I don’t know what Clary’s going to do. In those days, Clary had way fewer weapons and way fewer brothers.

“This time it’s different. Her boyfriend is on fire. She’s got enough problems. I guess what I’m saying is that we’d all appreciate it if you took one for the team.

“Not that I’m part of a Shadowhunter team. Shadowhunters don’t let vampires join the team.

“This message probably seems selfish, and also crazy. I honestly do feel bad for Alec. He’s a good guy. Much less annoying than Jace. I’ve always felt like, given the opportunity, we could be friends. Maybe bros. Maybe we could be bros who shoot arrows together.

“It may at this point be obvious that Isabelle forced me to make this phone call.”

Cassandra Clare

Cassie has planned that these will all be published at the end of The Bane Chronicles book once it’s published later in the year (November in the UK) so make sure you get a copy to read them all!

They then went into a Q and A between the audience and Cassie and Sarah. I didn’t write down all the questions but I tweeted a few answers. A few questions were SO SPOILERY!!! Like gave away a few things that happen in COHF so I am so glad that I had finished it before I went in!

After the Q and A they set up the room for the signing, I got City of Heavenly Fire, Clockwork Prince and The Demon’s Lexicon signed. I got to ask Cassie a quick question that my friend Alison asked me to ask her, she wanted me to find out if the Demon Pox always turns people into worms. Cassie laughed and said that sometime they turn into other demons, and sometimes just die a horrible death. She also added that not all demon’s had Demon Pox too.

And that was my day today. Massive thank you to Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Walker Books and Waterstones for the great event. It was loads of fun and hope both Cassie and Sarah come back to London for more signings soon!!! 🙂


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