Lena Headey (AKA Jocelyn Fray) will be attending London Film and Comic Con in July 2014


I cannot believe it has almost been 1 year since Cassandra Clare, Jamie Campbell Bower and Lena Headey attended London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) in 2013. Cassie and Jamie were there for The Mortal Instruments whereas Lena was mainly there for Game of Thrones.

This year Lena will be attending again along with many other Film and TV stars as well as Young Adult authors for the Young Adult Literature Convention (YALC)

Lena will be attending all days of the convention (Friday 11th – Sunday 13th July) and will be signing autographs as well as taking photos in the professional photo shoots.

The autographs will cost you £25 and last year Lena was so busy that you had to get a ticket which had a number on it and you were told to come back when your ticket number will be on the board to say you can go meet Lena. So get there early and get a ticket for her as soon as you get there.

Also, you can book your photo shoot online now. It also will cost £25. You can book here:






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