New Snippet from The Dark Artifices – Cristina Rosales

Firstly, I want to say Happy Birthday to Cassandra Clare for yesterday! We all love you in the Shadowhunter fandom and hope you had a great day πŸ™‚

Secondly, Cassie has released a new snippet from her next series in the Shadowhunter Chronicles – The Dark Artifices.

This one is about Cristina Rosales:

Cristina looked after Emma, her hand going to the pendant at her own throat. It was silver, in the shape of a circle with a rose inside it. The rose was wrapped around with thorny briars. Words were written in Latin on the back: she didn’t need to look at them to know them. She’d known them all her life. Blessed be the Angel my strength who teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight. The rose for Rosales, the words for Raziel, the Angel who had created the Shadowhunters a thousand years ago. Cristina had always thought Emma fought for her parabatai and for revenge, while she fought for family and faith. But maybe it was all the same thing: maybe it was all love, in the end.

Cassandra Clare

We don’t know too much about Cristina yet but we know she is Emma Carstairs’ best female friend and her father runs the Mexican Institute. Here are a couple of pictures drawn by Cassandra Jean



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