New ‘The Dark Artifices’ snippet: Cristina Rosales and Mark Blackthorn

It was only a couple of days ago we shared a new snippet about Cristina Rosales that Cassie revealed on her Tumblr.

Well she’s at it again. We have another new snippet and this time it’s about Cristina and Mark

Now he looked at her sideways. “You don’t think I look like a Shadowhunter any more?”
“Do you want to?” Cristina asked.
“I want to look like my family,” Mark said. “I cannot have the Blackthorn coloring, but I can look as much like Nephilim as possible. Besides, if I wish to be part of the investigation, I cannot stand out.”
Cristina held back from telling Mark that there was no world in which he didn’t stand out. “I can make you look like a Shadowhunter.”

Cassandra Clare

The first book in The Dark Artifices series is called Lady Midnight and will be published in 2015. The series follows the Blackthorn family and Emma Carstairs and friends and is many based in Los Angeles, USA.


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