Hebel Design reveal new ‘Magisterium’ item for sale

A few weeks ago Cassandra Clare revealed a picture snippet from her upcoming series Magisterium which is co-written with Holly Black. Check it out below:

It shows the wristband of a Magisterium apprentice. When students are chosen for the Magisterium, they are issued wristbands. The metal part of the wristband is changed out every year and shows which year you’re in (first year=iron, second year=copper, third year=bronze, fourth year=silver, fifth year=gold.) There are also places on the wristband where stones are affixed when you master an element — a blue stone for water, for instance, or the rare black stone for those who have mastered the sixth element, Chaos. The wristband pictured belonged to a specific person so it does have a black stone in it.
Cassandra Clare. Illustration by Scott Fischer.

Many people within the Shadowhunter fandom has heard of Hebel Design. For those who don’t know, it’s an online shop dedicated to jewellery inspired by books. There’s a huge variety of items for sale and a lot of those items are from the Shadowhunter series, including family rings & Tessa’s clockwork angel necklace.

Hebel Design have revealed their first piece of jewellery inspired by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black’s new series Magisterium, the apprentice wristband:


The leather cuff costs $20 and it costs an extra $5 for each stone that that the Magisterium apprentices receive once they have mastered an element. They also ship to the UK!

You can check out the item on sale at HEBEL DESIGN and make sure you follow them on twitter @HebelDesign


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