Lily Collins talks about being in the dark with The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes news


We haven’t heard any news for a while about the next film in the series based on Cassandra Clare’s books The Mortal Instruments and it’s making us all very scared.

We have all been hoping and praying that no news is good news, but Lily Collins has shared with a Spanish magazine Yo Dona that she is also in the dark about whether City of Ashes will be making it to the big screen:

“That’s the big question, but the truth is I have no idea whether there will be a sequel”

“This business operates so mysteriously, that it’s hard to predict the future of a movie. There is too much politics around, so you need to be patient and let go. I’ve shot two movies since then and I’m happy with the projects.”

It’s sad to hear that even the actors are still left in the dark, but us at British Nephilim still have faith in the series.


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One of those films she has coming out soon is Love, Rosie. Make sure you check out its latest trailer HERE


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  1. Well the fact that Harald Zwart is no longer attached to direct COA let us really in the dark ! But I’m quite sure that someone is going to take this project and lead it better that the first one. After all this shadowhunters world is amazing such as the story so I’m not that worried about that, but more about how are they going to make COA follow the original books story. In the book Valentine ends up with the cup but not in the movie and that is a huge change… I’m very curious about how they are going to turn this part of the story. I’m sure that TMI can definitively have the same success than Harry Potter did but for that we must have the perfect director ! 😀

  2. when she says let it go it makes me loose a little hope. We have all been on our seats with this damn movie forever now and the company needs to get it together and make the movie!! PLEASE MAKE THIS MOVIE I’M SO TIRED OF LOOKING FOR NEWS AND GETTING BAD NEWS!

  3. Vampire Academy (another YA book to film adaptation) needs your help to be made!

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    Link to the indiegogo campaign where you can read more information, see how the cast of Vampire Academy are supporting the campaign, look at the perks, share the story and most importantly DONATE! 😀

  4. you have to make the next movie the series is so cool and the people who play the characters are so good and I can’t what to see the next movie if you make one and I have some opinions on the characters Clary is a brave and cool person I what to be just like her, Jace strong and smart person who hides his feelings from others, Isabell careing and talented person, Alec dark and mad looking person , Simon smart geek looking person

  5. i hope they don’t change the cast of city of bones. i just hpe the cast for the tv series will be the same as the movie

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