Have a question about ‘Magisterium’ you’d like me to ask Cassandra Clare and Holly Black tomorrow? Let me know!


So I have some great news 🙂

Tomorrow afternoon I will be sitting down to chat with Magisterium authors Cassandra Clare and Holly Black.

I have about 15 minutes with the authors before their Bath Literacy Festival event and I want your help!

Do you have any burning Magisterium questions you’d like answered? Well either comment below or tweet me @TMI_TID_UK and I’ll hopefully be able to ask them for you and let you know their answer!

I unfortunately won’t be able to ask questions about City of Ashes movie news as this event is for promoting their new series, Magisterium.

4 replies

  1. BTA! I’m going there tomorrow with a couple of friends and I’m really excited! Do you think you could ask Holly and Cassie:
    “Will there be any LGBT characters in the Magisterium series?”
    Thanks! 🙂

  2. I am only interested in knowing about mortal instruments city of ashes movie is it in the works and the books i have read them all and am waiting for the movie s

  3. Sorry not interested in reading any more book form her books till i find out if the movies fir the mortal instruments city of ashes is going to be a movei

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