‘The Mortal Instruments’ TV show update: Episodes will be 1 HOUR long and start from ‘City of Bones’

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UPDATED: ‘Shadowhunters’ TV series guaranteed at least 13 episodes!
It has been confirmed!



Deadline has revealed the news that The Mortal Instruments TV show that was announced a few days ago will be 1 hour long episodes and will re-boot the series from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. This would mean that viewers will not be expected to have seen the 2013 film before watching the show.

The series will reboot the chronicle of the Shadowhunters led by Clary Fray and Jace Wayland in one-hour episodes beginning with the first book, City Of Bones, and expanding into later books as the series progresses.

Robert Kulzer, who was a producer on the City of Bones film, had a few words to add about Ed Decter who will write and executive produce the series:

“Ed Decter brings a tremendous track record to the table,” said Robert Kulzer, co-president of Constantin Film in LA and one of the original film’s producers. “As a showrunner we wanted someone who shares our passion and love for these characters and stories, and Ed has a remarkable ability to form narratives.”

We still have no news on cast, how many episodes a series, and when and where it will air, however I am sure we will get more information soon.

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  1. I’m excited to watch this TV show but I really hope it’ll be better than the movie because I found that disappointing.. (But I love Cassandra Clare’s writing and books)

  2. Glad they will be hour long shows. Not happy if its recasted. No one can replace Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace or Lily as Clary. None of them can be replaced in my opinion

  3. I really hope they keep Robert Sheenan as Simon! I thought he was perfect! And Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace was perfect too!!!

  4. I still say make City of ashes a movie….see how it does before giving up on the series as movies!!!!!!!!! But if it must go to tv show instead of the big screen DO NOT replace the cast!!! Casting was so on point and just perfect it would be ruin by switching it.

  5. I’m still hoping that they think about it and change their minds to continue
    on making the movie sequel. As long as they stick with the book story line, the city of ashes
    will surely be a hit. Never change the casts.
    I also think they need to promote the movie to
    other countries. Will be waiting for the next movie sequel.more power to the cast and crew of TMI!!

  6. I really like the idea, but if they change the cast, I can see a TMI fanbase outrage. Jace and Clary looked exactly like I pictured him in the books! If you must do a series instead of movie, please keep the cast 🙂

    • But i dont think the cast would WANT to do a TV show. Especially Lily. If they dont want to do it then i personally am ok with them changing the cast, but they have to give the cast the chance to come back. I would prefer the TV show and see the rest of the series unfold with a new cast than NEVER get a COA movie with the same cast.

  7. I loved the movie. Saw it 3 times on the big screen. Though I am very excited about the series, since it was so much from the book that never was shown in the film. I really hope they’ll keep Lily, Jamie and Robert in the main cast, since they are perfect for their roles.

    • Me too!! Please please please keep Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers and Godfrey Gao!! They are so perfect for the roles. Especially Jamie and Lily! Personally I think it’s fine but it will be a pity to change it! And please let us know which channel will the TV series be featured.

  8. Love the books (except the last – it was average) cant wait for the TV show, I’ll be happy if they just keep the same actor playing Jace. In the meant time the J Allison novel ‘Divine Mortals’ is awesome at least as good as the Mortal instruments books.

  9. I think it might be a ok idea so all of the stuff from the book can be in it but u have to have the same actors I wonot watch it unless they are in it….they make the movie and u need to broadcast it better this time the only reason I didn’t go see the fist movie was because I didn’t know about it

  10. BEST MOVIE!!! I finished read the second book and half page for the third one, cant wait to read the rest! I love MORTAL INSTRUMENT SERIES ;))) PLEASE KEEP THE CAST ESPECIALLY JAMIE AS JACE AND LILLY AS CLARY. I wish i live in the world like that, such a beautiful movie. xoxo

  11. It says “high end” I really hope it is high end, a low budget shot tv show would ruin it totally. Keeping lilly, jamie and robert would be amazing. I’m not so bothered if Alec, Isabelle and valentine are re cast, I couldn’t hear Alec (kevin) speak his lines properly in the film. So many tv shows get cancelled nowadays so let’s hope we get something awesome! 🙂

  12. Please, please, please still have Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace, and Robert Sheehan as Simon. As much as I love the guy that played valentine, they need someone that actually looks like him to play him.
    And maybe actually stick to the book this time instead of just fucking around, the books are epic, the movie was an overly sappy teenagers wet dream.

  13. Hopefully this will be good. I love Cassandra Clare, but i have ideas about some changes. The movie went way off track from the book. Jamie needs to look stronger, and in the books it always says he is next to her in a flash. Isabelle needs to be more sassy and teeny popper girl. Alec i think was perfect, but make him a little more family protective, Simon was amazing, but still make him more video games and girls, type of guy. Clary, though i can’t put my finger on it was sort of off. She has to look less, ” I am normal girl ” to ” artistic, observant, and more tomboy. Remember to put more of an shape to the show, and one last thing Valentine you went about in a rubbish direction. I am not trying to be mean but i love these books and i want people to see just how thoughtful and remarkable they are.

  14. That’s disappointing that they are making it a TV series. As far as I’ve seen TV series don’t stick to the books like the vampire diaries. It’s a amazing TV show but it’s nothing like the book so please don’t change anything if your going to make it a TV series.😉😔

  15. I love the fact its gonna be a tv show i can get into it every week instead of just a couple hours for the movie and they can go into more detail with shows. As long as the stick to the book on details and events it should be a hit ! Cant wait to see when the release day is for episodes! !

  16. I have read and reread all 6 books and wish they would give a second movie a chance. In my opinion they made a mistake with advertising by targeting the young teen crowd with the first TMI but if it must go to tv please keep the original cast. I don’t think I would watch it on tv if it doesn’t have the original cast. Jamie Campbell Bower is Jace. I’m of the opinion that you can’t improve on perfection and as far as I’m concerned the existing cast is just that.

  17. I haven’t read the books yet – just waiting for them to be sent in the mail – but I LOVED the movie! I’m sad that there’s not going to be anymore. I think they really need to go back and think about doing another movie again! And I think they need to promote to a wider age range of the audience. I’m 30 and like I said I loved the movie!

  18. I love that your changing the movie to TV series, hoping that you get all the details this time, which I have no doubt you will. But I loved the books!!! I really really hope you keep Alex, Magnus and Simon, they are what they looked like in my head. Valentine looked nothing like I thought he was, first his meant to have blonde hair, looking almost like white. And I do hope you get Sebastian right!

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