TMI News: Aidan Turner (Luke Garroway) talks about ‘The Mortal Instruments’ during Q and A for ‘Poldark’

Fresh faces: Aidan Turner as the brooding Captain Ross Poldark with Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza

Tonight I attended the premiere of Aidan Turner’s new TV show, Poldark.

Firstly, I just want to say that the show is amazing. We watched the first episode and it was a really great period drama. I have not read the books or seen the original TV series, but this adaptation was really well done and everyone in the show should be very proud.

After we watched the first episode a few cast and crew members took part in a Q and A.

Aidan Turner, who plays Poldark, took to the stage with Eleanor Tomlinson, who you may know from Jack the Giant Slayer and Alice in Wonderland. They were joined by director Edward Bazalgette and screenplay writer Debbie Horsfield.

Now we all mainly know Aidan as Luke Garroway in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Kili from The Hobbit. Well, during the Q and A @Stopwatchgirl on twitter asked if Aidan knew anything about returning for The Mortal Instruments sequels:

and after that upsetting news, have a picture of topless Aidan to cheer you up again 🙂

Topless scenes: A 'sexy and steamy' trailer for the show shows 'a buffed' Turner topless, pictured as he prepares for a scene during  filming  at Dollar Cove

We are unsure what article Aidan was reading, but I expect it was very old as I have not heard anything new about Jamie returning to play Jace is the TV series, and definitely not in a movie. Sorry Shadowhunters!


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  1. He was a great Luke and since he played one of the adults, they could keep him but this is just wishful thinking. Thanks for the video – love his voice – and the topless picture. 😉

    • Yes him and hodge were the exact images I had when reading the books. We all are pretty sure now that the cast won’t be returning but thought I’d share the video anyway 🙂 he was so gorgeous. I’ve seen him once before at the hobbit premiere but he was far away from me. Was so nice to see him again much closer 🙂 he’s really good in Poldark, if you are able to find away to watch it, I’d recommend it 🙂

      • Hodge was too old for me. Luke, Valentine, Jocelyn and Hodge all went to school together so they must have been around the same age which they weren’t (in the film). They were still great but I hope that the new adult actors will be closer in age (mid 30s to early 40s). BTA, fingers crossed for getting real news soon!
        When will Poldark air? I’ll try to check out the first episode.

      • I have only just read this comment! Sorry. Yes he does look much older, but when I was reading it I also imagined him to look older too (no idea why!) so for me he was perfect.
        And Poldark starts tomorrow on BBC I think 🙂

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