New Cover: Cassandra Clare shares new UK paperback cover for ‘Magisterium: The Iron Trial’

Last year we were introduced to Cassandra Clare’s 1st non-Shadowhunter related novel which was co-written with Holly Black called The Iron Trial.

The book is the 1st in the five part Magisterium series that follows Callum and his friends as they work their way through the Magisterium (a school for magicians).

Cassie revealed the new UK paperback cover for the first book in the series, check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

The Magisterium UK paperback! The hardback matched the US cover but for the paperback they’re going for a slightly different, more cool/fantasy look. The alchemical symbol for fire, water, earth, air and chaos is still visible in the hilt of the sword. I’m looking forward to seeing their Copper Gauntlet design!

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