Director McG shares photos from the ‘Shadowhunters’ office

shadowhunters banner
UPDATE 15/04/2014

McG has added new pictures to his Twitter including inspiration pictures for costume designs!



Earlier this week we shared the news that McG will direct the first Shadowhunters episode and executive produce the series alongside writer-showrunning Ed Decter.

McG is a definite follow for any Shadowhunters that use twitter as he’s already tweeted a few times about the series and while we were sleeping he shared a picture from inside the Shadowhunters office.

If you look closely at the pictures on the walls you can see some location shots that they are probably using as inspiration or maybe actual locations that they have found and will use?

Also on the wall on the right you can see pictures of blades – possibly inspiration for our Seraph blades?

He also tweeted a couple of times about the show:

We cannot wait to see what McG and the team does with Shadowhunters.

It will start filming in May 2015 and will air on ABC Family early 2016.


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