Cassandra Clare talks about Matthew Daddario’s audition and brings up the Lightwoods race!

Yesterday Matthew Daddario was announced to be playing Alec Lightwood in the Shadowhunters TV show.

Cassandra Clare went to Tumblr to talk about how she first saw Matthew’s audition and I loved the story so wanted to share it for all those who don’t have Tumblr:

Matthew Daddario has been cast to play Alec Lightwood in the Shadowhunters TV show.

There’s actually a story here, which is that I first saw Matthew’s audition in a set of auditions for Jace. I tagged it “Would be perfect Alec” and sent to the producers. People often forget I think but in the beginning of the books Alec is a center point of stability and Izzy and Jace are both kind of spinning off. He projected a gravitas that worked for Alec for me.

That was before anyone, even Dom, was cast — and literally last night/this morning I heard he’d come in to audition in LA, and that everyone loved him and he was Alec. I was stunned — but I had seen him and loved him much earlier, though admittedly I saw him try out for Jace!

The Lightwoods I’ve been told are going to be a mixed race family so I look forward to seeing who is cast as Robert, Maryse and Max.

Cassandra Clare

So Matthew originally auditions for Jace but got the role of Alec!

I think he will make a perfect Alec and cannot wait to see what he brings to the character.

It was also interesting to find out how the Lightwoods will be a mixed race family! I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS! I don’t believe that the race of the Lightwoods is a massive character defining feature so them changing them from white to a mixed race family makes no difference to me and it shouldn’t to you either!

Shadowhunters will begin prinicple photography later this month.


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