Isaiah Mustafa says hello to the fandom and shares his excitement about playing Luke

Last night we found out that Isaiah Mustafa will be playing Luke Garroway in Shadowhunters. He then shared a quick video saying hello to the fandom. Check it out below:

What do you all think about Isaiah playing Luke? We cannot wait to see how he brings one of our favourite adult characters to life.

Luke will be a character that we know will be changing slightly from the book version of Luke. Read what ABC Family said about Luke’s character below:

Luke Garroway is an NYPD detective investigating a string of “demonic” murders. Luke feels a fatherly instinct to protect Clary, strong affection for Jocelyn and has secrets of his own. Once a strong and powerful Shadowhunter, he has since become the thing he once hated most – a werewolf pack leader.

Things will need to change in the adaptation for TV, we all know that. It looks like Luke may have one of the biggest changes as he isn’t keeping himself to himself and hiding himself away in a book store most days. But we think that as long as the essence of his character and the amount of love he has for Clary and Jocelyn stays the same then we think ABC Family will pull it off.

Shadowhunters will begin airing in USA in early 2016.


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