Cassandra Clare reveals the full spine artwork for all new repackaged ‘Mortal Instruments’ books

Yesterday we saw all the new covers for the repackaged American copies of The Mortal Instruments that will be published 1st September 2015.

Once all the books are put together on your book shelf the spine artwork will make a picture and it’s beautiful. Cassandra Clare shared the picture on her Tumblr account:

Cassie also explained that if you are going to BookCon in NYC then you may be able to grab an exclusive poster of the above picture.

I cannot wait to get these shipped over to the UK because they are absolutely beautiful.

Check out all the book covers below:


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  1. I understand that the spine artwork has the main people in it with it going like: Jace, Clary, Simon, Isabelle and Alec. But who is on the spine of City of Heavenly Fire? The front cover is Jonathan (Sebastian) but who is on the spine? If it is Jonathan, why is it him? I though that I would be people against the fight of evil. Please, somebody, answer. I am really confused 😖😞

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