Executive Producer McG shares our first (almost full) group photo of ‘Shadowhunters’ cast

We really are being spoiled with behind-the-scenes photos. We have seen the cast training for filming and now we have a lovely little treat for you all.

McG (one of the producers for Shadowhunters and director of the first episode) has now shared the first group picture of the cast.

Yes we are missing a couple of people, and still waiting for a few more to cast, but this is nearly the full ‘main’ group of characters! Just missing Clary.

He also shared a few words with Kat ‘Clary’ McNamara over Twitter that we got very excited about:

Do you all remember when we got a group photo of the cast from the movie? They were out for dinner before filming started and the whole fandom exploded:

We are a very lucky fandom as we get two amazing casts and two chances of seeing our favourite characters come to life on screen.

Shadowhunters begins filming on the 25th May and will air on ABC Family early 2016 in America. We do not know if it will be shown anywhere else around the world yet.

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