Welcome to the fandom Alan Van Sprang who will play Valentine in the Shadowhunters TV show

B4hwZ9_CEAAUOlnThis is amazing news!! Us girls at British Nephilim are huge fans of the TV show Reign which our new Valentine played a regular villain on!

Welcome to the fandom Alan Van Sprang!

Alan played King Henry on Reign, as well as appearing in Tudors opposite our previous Valentine from The Mortal Instruments movie – Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Alan was the perfect villain in Reign so we know he will do an amazing job bringing the best-worst daddy to life – Valentines.

ABC Family had this to say about Valentine:

Brilliant, cunning, and dangerously handsome, Valentine is a mysterious Shadowhunter wielding immense power. His stoic, charming, and confident presence allows him control over his many followers. To seek out what he wants, Valentine executes anyone in his way, never thinking twice about it.


We cannot wait to see what Alan will look like in Shadowhunters, we are hoping for white hair although it is very hard to see him with any hair after watching him in Reign.

Shadowhunters will begin filming on the 25th May and will air early 2016.


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