Welcome to Maxim Roy who will be playing Jocelyn Fray in ‘Shadowhunters’ TV show


Our Jocelyn Fray has finally been cast! Welcome to the fandom Maxim Roy.

Maxim is a French/Canadian actress and you may recognise her from TV shows such as 19-2, ReGenesis and Heartland.

This is what ABC Family had to say about Jocelyn:

Very beautiful, warm, protective and bold, Jocelyn Fray is Clary’s mother.  On the surface, Jocelyn leads a normal life running an antiquities store.  We will learn, however, that she harbors many secrets about a past life; particularly her ties to an ancient group of supernatural beings known as Shadowhunters.  In order to defend Clary from danger, Jocelyn transforms from single mom back into one of the most lethal Shadowhunters that ever lived.

We cannot wait to see her in Shadowhunters that will begin filming next week and will air early 2016.

You can follow Maxim Roy on twitter: @Mllemaximroy


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