Cassandra Clare reveals the narrator for ‘Nothing But Shadows’ audiobook – Plus snippet!


Tale of the Shadowhunter Academy: Nothing but Shadows was released today and we now know who will be narrating the audiobook.

Welcome to the fandom Nico Mirallegro.

Nico is most known for his work as Newt on Hollyoaks, Dodge on Spike Island, and can currently be seen as Finn Nelson in E4’s teenage comedy drama My Mad Fat Diary

Cassandra Clare said this on Tumblr:

More Cute Brown-Haired boys Read To You: Fun audiobook casting news! The terrifically talented Nico Mirallegro will read NOTHING BUT SHADOWS, the next audiobook in the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy series! Nico is best known for his roles in The Village, My Mad Fat Diary, Common and the recent British film Spike Island, and was selected in the 2012 Screen Stars of Tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear the recording (the audiobook is out next week)! 🙂

Nothing But Shadows is out Tuesday, and for some of you it’s already Tuesday! The story of James Herondale at Shadowhunter Academy, starring a little Will, a little Simon, a little Matthew, a little everyone…Sarah and I hope you like.

Cassie also shared a snippet from the novella:

“Oh, young Mr Herondale.” The dean looked quite happy to be interrupted. “Of course, let me show you the way. Your father entrusted me with a message for you which I can relay as we go.”

She left Ragnor Fell scowling after them. James hoped he had not made another enemy.

“Your father said—what a charming language Welsh is, isn’t it? So romantic!—Pob lwc, a charaid. What does it mean?”

James blushed, because he was much too old for his father to be calling him by pet names. “It just means—it means good luck.”

He could not help smiling as he trailed the dean down the halls. He was sure nobody else’s father had charmed the dean into giving a student a secret message. He felt warm, and watched over.

Until Dean Ashdown opened the door of his new room, bid him a cheerful goodbye, and left him to his horrible fate.

It was a very nice room, airy, with walnut bedposts and white linen canopies. There was a carved wardrobe and even a bookcase.

There was also a distressing amount of Matthew Fairchild.

He was standing in front of a table that had about fifteen hairbrushes on it, several mysterious bottles, and a strange hoard of combs.

“Hullo, Jamie,” he said. “Isn’t it splendid that we are sharing a room? I am certain we will get along swimmingly.”

“James,” James said. “What are all those hairbrushes for?”

Matthew looked at him pityingly. “You don’t think all this—” he indicated his head with a sweeping gesture—“happens on its own?”

“I only use one hairbrush.”

“Yes,” Matthew observed. “I can tell.”

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