Recap from the Shadowhunters fandom this week: The Calm Before The Storm

Tomorrow the Shadowhunter fandom begins a new chapter as the production team start principle photography of The Mortal Cup, which is the first episode of the Shadowhunters TV show based on Cassandra Clare’s books The Mortal Instruments.

As the show starts filming tomorrow it has been a very busy week in the build up.

So here is an overview of everything that we think was important that happened this week in the fandom. I will warn you now, it is long. Lots happened. Enjoy πŸ™‚


Dominic ‘Jace’ Sherwood shared a little song to this fans on IG:

One to one time with my baby (guitar)

A post shared by Dom Sherwood (@domsherwood) on

The writers of Shadowhunters started their own Twitter page but it wasn’t until our reporter, Eilidh, noticed them that they really got noticed by the fandom. They only had 11 followers when she found them!

We got this beautiful picture of the cast:

We finally found out who our Jocelyn Fray is! We welcomed Maxim Roy to the Shadowhunters family:


The fourth novella from Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy was released. Nothing But Shadows was written by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan:

and Nico Mirallegro was announced as the narrator for the audiobook

We got to see the beautiful outtakes for the picture that was shared on Monday

We also got this beautiful picture of our Magnus Bane, Harry Shum Jr, and casting director, Jonathan Clay Harris

We got a little video from Harry Shum Jr,

And a little song from Alan Van Sprang


Social Media manager for ABC Family as a few others from ABC Family went to set to meet the cast

We got this group selfie

Cassie shared this interesting fact about the 5th novella from TFTSA

A bit of bromance between our Luke and Valentine actors

Maxim Roy started reading The Mortal Instruments books

We got our first set photo which fans later worked out it could be the Clave insigna

We got a behind-the-scenes look at this Clace photoshoot/test shoot


We got a Climon selfie

Alan Van Sprang proving why he’s going to make a great edition to the cast with amazing tweets like this

Showrunner and main man Ed Decter got twitter

and shares a picture of McG meeting the creative team

We also got a better view of the Clace picture shared on Wednesday

Emeraude shared this timelapse video of her training to become Izzy

#Isabelle slaying #shadowhunters @shadowhunterstv @abcfamily

A post shared by Emeraude Toubia (@emeraudetoubia) on

and Maxim shared a picture of her new chair πŸ™‚

Here we go! YIKES! @shadowhunterstv @abcfamily #jocelynfray #lovemyjob #onset

A post shared by Maxim Roy (@maximroy_) on

We also found out that they started filming early! Nothing with the actors from the looks of it, but some shots for visual effects

And the VFX supervisor joined the crew in Toronto

New logo on another Shadowhunters TV chair

Stephan shared a new shot from the river/lake shoot

Nothing easy about making great TV. #Shadowhunters

A post shared by Stephan Fleet (@stephanfleet) on

He also shared a snap of some stand ins for the shoot as the actors don’t start until tomorrow

And a few more shots from Stephan

Also Alberto ‘Simon’ Rosende graduated college! Massive congratulations Alberto

NYU, challenge completed. πŸŽ“ #WEMADEIT #CLASSOF2015 #nyutisch

A post shared by albertorosende (@albertorosende) on

While we were sleep in the UK, the cast were meeting up and having dinner together (minus Alberto cause of ^^^)


Cassie answered a few questions about her books

And she shares a snippet from The Last Hours

Cassie also shared a snippet about Ty

Check out the cute picture of Kat and Alberto


Alan wins at fandom again

Stephan shared this quick video he created about runes too!

And for the Instagram crowd. Here's my rune Magic πŸ™‚

A post shared by Stephan Fleet (@stephanfleet) on

and then made a promise he may regret

Martin reminded us that filming starts tomorrow (like we needed reminding!)


We got a video from Maxim ‘Jocelyn’ Roy

Luke and Simon just chilling together

Also our original Clace – Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins – seem to be back together or good friends again and they are just adorable!

And what it is, is something quite beautiful…

A post shared by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) on

Sometimes it just is what it is…

A post shared by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) on

Matthew, Katherine and Dominic training for filming

Like I was saying before, tomorrow is pretty big day for the fandom and I want to just take a second to say a massive thank you to the original cast from The Mortal Instruments movie and all the crew that worked on it. I also want to say a huge thank you to the Queen herself, Cassandra Clare, for writing these amazing series that we all love. Thank you thank you thank you.

Welcome to all the new cast and crew, we cannot wait to see all the set photos and costumes and then official pictures, trailers, interviews and the show airing in 2016!


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  1. The two photos Lily Collins posted before the two seen here, are photos of Jamie’s hands playing his guitar (they are his finger tattoos). Love these two together!!!

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